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This is the Style Guide for developing documentation on this site for PHENOM Portal.


When including a screenshot or graphic for an article:

  1. Reuse an existing graphic. You can search the existing graphics here.
  2. If the existing graphic is out of date, upload a new version of the graphic.
  3. If you are uploading a new graphic, specify a description using the following pattern: phenom-[area_of_phenom]-[brief-description-of-what-image-is-showing].[png|jpg]
  4. The upload will require a Description so please include a reasonable explanation.
  5. For Thumbnail, choose 'none'
  6. For Frame, choose 'frame' or select 'none' and add 'border' to the the file block [[File:xxx|border]] to have a small border around the image
  7. If the screenshot is too big, resize it by providing the width in px: [[File:xxx|600px]]

Confluence pages status

Page Added to Wiki Needs more work Updated to new UI Comments
FAQ Yes No No
Data Model Governance Yes Yes No This page is obsolete. It needs a refresher
About Proprietary Data Yes No No
Considerations for Data Model Governance Yes No No
Data Sharing, Protection & Partitioning Yes No No
Getting Started Yes No N/A
How-To Articles Yes No Yes
Login Yes No N/A
Dashboard Yes Yes No
Release Notes N/A No No Obsolete, available in PHENOM
Search Bar Yes Yes No
Settings Yes Yes Yes Needs to be updated with the new licensing feature
Account Yes No Yes
Subscription Yes Yes Yes
Navigate Yes No Yes Renamed to Data Modeling
Nav Tree Yes No Yes
Moving Elements Yes No Yes
Searching & Filtering Yes No Yes
Tagging Yes No Yes
Meridian Map Yes No Yes
Diagram Yes Yes No No images have been added, only the text has been transferred
Details (Model Review and Editing) Yes No N/A
Constraints Yes No Yes
Entities and Associations Yes No Yes
Entity Attributes Yes No Yes Only described Attribute Move so content moved to Entities and Associations
Measurements Yes No Yes
Measurement Systems & Coordinate Systems Yes No Yes
Messages N/A No No It's not possible to create Message anymore
Observables Yes No Yes
Packages Yes No Yes
Platform Type/Enumeration editing Yes No Yes
Reference Point Yes No Yes
Semantic Matches Yes No Yes
Services / UOPs & Message Ports Yes No Yes
Transport Channel Yes No Yes
View Attributes Yes No Yes
Views Yes No Yes
View Trace Yes Yes Yes Need one more image
Integration Model Editor Yes Yes No No images have been added, only the text has been transferred
[Old] Scratchpad N/A No No Obsolete page
[Old] Diagrams N/A No No Obsolete page
Generate Yes No Yes
Templates - Creating and Editing Syntax Yes No Yes
Model & Artifact Generation Yes No Yes
Health Check Yes Yes Yes Need to confirm information on the page, add description for new health check, and add screenshots
Impact Assessment N/A No No Was removed in the new UI
Analytics Yes No Yes Moved to Data Modeling
Entity Usage Yes No Yes Included in Analytics page
Semantic Equivalencies Yes No Yes Included in Analytics page. Need to removed the dedicated page as unused
Manage Yes No Yes
Model Structure & Sub-Structure in Phenom Portal Yes Yes Partially Renamed to Projects and Models Management
Creating a Filtered Project Yes No Yes
Branch (Branch Management and Content Versioning / Merging) Yes Yes No Renamed to Push, Pull, and Approve
Change Sets Yes Yes Partially Need to update health check screenshot for new UI
Import Yes Yes Yes Need to add CSV template formatting for Constraints, Message Data Model, and Platform Types.

Add content for Placeholders and Naive merge

DSDM Import Yes No Yes
Enum-Literal Import Yes No Yes
FACE XMI v2.1 Import Yes No Yes
View-Characteristic Import Yes No Yes
Migrate N/A No No Obsolete page
Advanced Topics N/A No No Empty section
Tutorials Yes No N/A
Exercise: Developing an Entity Model Yes Yes Yes
Exercise: Document Interfaces using Phenom Portal Yes Yes Yes
PHENOM Tutorial Series Yes No Partially