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Generate is where use can create models for export and FACE-aligned Transport Service software.

Data Model

This area is used for generating different products from the data model. The types of products that can be created are:

  1. Data Models (FACE XMI format)
  2. Archive of all User-created Diagrams (PNG format archived in a ZIP file)
  3. Interface Description Language files (IDL format)
  4. Skayl's Proprietary Format (Similar to FACE XMI, but this preserves the non-standardized integration model content)
  5. User Template


CinC is Skayl's Configurable Infrastructure Capability. This is a fully configured FACE Transport Service that can be easily configured in PHENOM. This tab contains all the controls needed to export FACE-aligned software. Two types of products can be created:

  1. FACE 3 CinC
  2. FACE 3 Mock UoPs


PHENOM allows users to build their own templates for exporting data. Users are able to access numerous data model elements and format them per these templates. The template language is Apache FreeMarker and PHENOM provides several sample templates to help users get started.