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From 2017 to 2019, Skayl recorded 7 episodes of our podcast, 3 Guys & a Data Model. In this podcast, we discussed many aspects of data modeling.

Episode 1 - Introducing 3 Guys & A Data Model

In this, our inaugural episode of the Three Guys and a Data Model Podcast, Chris, Dave & Jacob talk about data model basics. What is a data model, why is it different from other data modeling technologies out there, why data models matter, and why we would even think to do a podcast about this topic! Many industry professionals try to imbue data models with magical properties that stem from a basic misunderstanding of the technology. This podcast is intended to be an educational series that equips you to understand and work with data model and related technologies.

Episode 2 - Message Models vs. Data Models

In this episode Skayl jumps right into the deep end of the pool and start discussing messages models and how they differ from data models. As software developers, we have spent years building messages to send between our systems. We high five each other for clever byte-packing schemes that save 10% network traffic. We celebrate efficient code that marshals and de-marshals our data in less than 6 operations. But how does all of this relate to data models? Do message models have a place in the data modeling universe? Are they the same thing? If not, how are they different?

Episode 3 - Postmortem of a Big Hairy Data Model

The Skayl guys conduct a postmortem on their latest project – bringing to life (don’t be shy, guys, let’s be honest…) one of the Largest-Data-Models-Ever. Taming all that data was a tough job, so we’re here to share the lessons learned.

Episode 4 - The Grocery Store

Dave, Chris, Sonya and our new host, Taylor, introduce data architecture “goodness” through Dave’s Famous Grocery Store Analogy. It’s a bite-sized podcast, palatable for even those individuals who may be newly initiated into the data modeling world.

Episode 5 - Interface Definition* Maturity Levels (IDML)

In this episode join Skayl as they introduce the Interface Documentation Maturity Levels (IDML) framework. One way to help distinguish best practices is to leverage a qualitative framework based on interface documentation. The IDML framework was developed to help contextualize our conversations about data models and integratability, based on interface documentation rigor and specificity. By identifying the specific IDML for a given set of interfaces, it is possible to assess the ability of interface documentation to inform integration over the life-cycle of the system.

NOTE: IDML was later formalized into Interface Documentation Maturity Levels.

Episode 6 - Explain It to an English Major

Looking for a basic introduction to who Skayl is and what we do? Then this episode is the place to start! Chris, Dave and Sonya take a stab at explaining the fundamentals to Taylor, our podcast host and resident English Major.

Episode 7 - Why Data Model?

In this episode, Dave, Sonya, Jacob, and Taylor discuss data modeling, why we do it, and the problems it solves. We answer questions like, what is the difference between syntax and semantics? And, what are the costs associated with data modeling?