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Projects and Models Management

Push, Pull, and Approve Process

Within Manage, the Branch tab is where users manage branching, including the ability to switch branches, pull changes from the parent branch, request to push changes to the parent branch, and approve push requests.

Creating a Filtered Project

In some instances, a user may wish to share only a small part of a project with another user, without burdening them with the entirety of it. If the user you are sharing with only needs access to a few views or a subset of the measurements available, this functionality can be utilized to build a new filtered project that maintains its model inheritance relationship with the initial project. Any changes made to this new project can be pushed up to the initial project, and any changes made in the initial project can be pulled down to the filtered project so long as the changes are to a non-filtered element.


Within Manage, the Change Sets tab is where users can create or view a change set and its contents.


Permissions allow users to control who can see and edit project and model content.